No matter what your age or your life path, whether making art is your career or your hobby or your dream, it is not too late or too egotistical or too selfish or too silly to work on your creativity.  ― Julia Cameron, The Artist's Way

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In the words of Julia Cameron:

The Artist’sWay and all my other “teaching” books are the distillate of forty years of artistic practice. They are experiential books intended to teach people to process and transform life through acts of creativity. All books and all creative clusters should be practiced through creative action, not through theory.

It is my belief and my experience as a teacher that all of us are healthy enough to practice creativity. It is not a dangerous endeavor requiring trained facilitators. It is our human birthright and something we can do gently and collectively. Creativity is like breathing – pointers may help, but we do the process ourselves. Creative clusters, where we gather as peers to develop our strength, are best regarded as tribal gatherings, where creative beings raise, celebrate, and actualize the creative power which runs through us all.

One page.  One chapter.  One book.  One discussion.

One line could be all you are missing to change your life toward your soul-infused goals.  One of these books could be your game-changer!

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