Approved Add Heart® Facilitator

Add Heart®  helps you "experience greater health, more harmonious relationships, and to be happier and more effective at home or in the workplace.

The insights and technology also help improve fitness and performance by aligning heart and mind in goal setting. 

There is an accelerated momentum of people choosing to rise above the chaos and stress by learning to tune into their heart’s natural guidance for smarter choices and outcomes. 

Learn science-based practices for navigating change from a place of empowerment." (HeartMath Institute)

Add Heart®  is available in conjunction with Public Talks & Workshops, Healing Sessions, or Mindful Art Workshops

Art Studio Event Venues

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Collaboratives **These are workshops where I team up with other experts!

    * Intuitive Art + Tai Chi Qigong (Read more...)   * Mindfulness + Yoga from the Heart with Liliana

Art Studio Gallery at Selected Locations: TBA

  *Stationary Cards   *Giclee Prints   *Ink Designs on Tile    *Watercolour Limited Edition Prints

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I T 'S  A B O U T  E D U C A T I N G   F O R  W E L L N E S S

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Miracles happen everyday, change your perception of what a miracle is and

you'll see them all around you.  -- Jon Bon Jovi


The Art of Noticing Deeply - Commentaries on Teaching, Learning and Mindfulness (Contributing Author, Chapter: Free to Learn More Deeply) ORDER HERE
We "start noticing the deeper patterns of interconnectedness in our lives. As we develop our mindfulness, what we pay attention to changes, as does the resonance of our presence."

I See The Mega-Cycle  ORDER HERE

Outdoor biking merges with the philosophical as it honours life's physical and inner adventure, and speaks to the wise childhood spirit inherent in us all. As we ride a bridge exploring ancient and modern wisdom, let's nurture opportunities for deeper conversations about improving our relationship with the natural environment...and help heal ourselves and our planet.

Public Talks & Workshops

  • Build your Community Wellness 
  • Expand your understanding of the many Languages of Wellness through mindful awareness of mind-body systems
  • Learn how to influence the space you hold for yourself and your family / office / classroom
  • Empower your children while empowering you
  • Become more resilient by seeing human + nature design features in a new perspective
  • Speak the language of sensitive kids so they feel better understood

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Mind-Body Healing Sessions

Improve your Personal Wellness with the BodyTalk System™

  • "The BodyTalk system utilizes the innate guiding principal that is fundamental to living systems. When communication between body, mind and consciousness is restricted by tension, stresses and traumas, life appears complicated and problematic.
  • BodyTalk is the language of health, which operates using a simple, priority based “yes/no” feedback loop. By “tapping in” at this level, communication is restored in the body, tension is released from the mind, and synchronicity is restored between them.
  • BodyTalk incorporates a comprehensive system of non-invasive techniques designed to enable people to live their lives to their potential.
  • It incorporates state-of-the-art science and philosophy to help the body unlearn the habits, beliefs, biochemical pathways and postural patterns that are restricting the healthy functioning of the body-mind complex." (IBA Global Healing)

Start now by teaching yourself the Cortices Tapping Technique with BodyTalk founder Dr. John Veltheim Video

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