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Your Classroom:  Life.  Here.  Now.  With all its messiness, paradox and distractions.

Your Ultimate Assignment:  Create The Most Authentic You Possible

Your Key Resource:  Truly Knowing How You Want to Feel

Your Key Connection:  That Which Ignites Your Soul.  What Lights You Up.  Something that Matters to Your Heart For Real.

Your Magic Wand:  Mindfulness Superpower Classes

Your Qwirky But Incredibly Effective Mindfulness Teacher: guessed it...c'est moi​!

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​​Smile! Journey Simplification in Process. 

:) Nicole-Chistine

Choose to unfold.  It's way less predictable, less tidy, it's highly inconvenient.  And it's where the power is.  The kind of beautiful, gorgeous power you've been craving to feel your entire life. ​― Danielle LaPorte

Welcome to Your Mindfulness Superpowers Classroom!


Art of Noticing Deeply 101 - Applied Mindfulness:  Speaking the Language of the Journey 

"Becoming more mindful is like upgrading the number of colours in your crayon box."